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I Hope this is my last try

November 16, 2009 Leave a comment

I find people changing but this is not new, why do I trust others?

I hate myself, my eyes are wet, I don’t want to cry. Why am i letting others do this to me? Just because I love him & accepted all he did to me I feel he’s taking me for granted.

Why the hell I can’t let him go, I am going to do this. When u really care and give all the attention to others they take it for granted, your love has no value you are just used. I have really gone so cheap, don’t I have my self-respect, how long I’ll argue with him to make him feel he’s doing wrong when he himself does not feel anything. Don’t I have brains, what am I doing? I gave everything to him, I don’t regret but I feel bad. Now I really feel bad that this person really did not deserve all this love of mine, but really I do regret all the tears I shed for him for all my sleepless nights my heart filling weekends which I spent thinking about him.

Can he return all those days of my life, How can people  play with others feelings, I really wonder what pleasure they get hurting others, I don’t think so even if they realize what they are doing. As long as they are happy its fine they don’t give a damn for others or what they feel.

I am not going to let this happen to me anymore !!I hope

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February 6, 2009 Leave a comment

She sat contemplating at the ocean of love at the shore,

It had all hearts glad and bliss and nothing to deplore.

She marvels looking far in the sea how could one be so lost for other,

Away from the world with attitude of “why bother?”

She could see someone extending his hand and calling to her,

She felt she always knew him; he was so much of her.

Before she could realize, she found herself sailing with him far in the ocean of love.

She was mesmerized by initial ecstasy that love throve.

Soon his spurious visage could not stay long against her ingenuousness.

He asked her to forgive him for this mess,

All she did was let go of him,

And strived hard moving on, with her heart Repress.

She could see him steering ahead, far away from her.

Loneliness filled her heart ad mist the unspoken sea,

Which was once all warm and content,

But now was cold and torment.

Deep inside She Loved Him,

Hoping he felt the same for her she sailed toward the shore

Awaiting the for the new light of hope,

With all prior memories making her Sore.

She could see the green land of blithe,

She tried hard to reach it,

but she could hear him ,calling to her from far.

She was delighted,

Disregarding the dark clouds of sorrow which had sodden her with twinge,

She turned back to all her merry, just to be with him,

She did all she could for love, but soon realized she had lost herself in name of love,

She felt she was obsessed, and how could she turn blind to all the truth that prevailed?

She  realized what all wrong she had done in name of love was not worth for him,

leaving the dark shadow of his forged love behind, she Moved On with lone hope!!!

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Letting Go -by Pravs

December 26, 2008 Leave a comment

As silence fills my loneliness
Only for you my heart cries
The growing gnawing  pain within myself
That tears every senses of my life.

Tears flow endlessly
Even my eyes swells in deep agony
But nothing had been left
That I burned even more with desire
Just to feel the warmness of your embrace.

I still have the memories when we first meet
Memories that I thought would just be the beginning
And would never end
But suddenly it was gone with  the wind.

I always say I LOVE YOU
Deep inside my heart I do
Thinking that you feel the same way too
That even we’re miles away we can make it through

I felt my world shattered like a glass
One day when you told me that I was just a back up
And that you are still in search of your perfect match
For someone you can marry even when there’s no real LOVE.

I have been waiting for a chance
Hoping that one day you would realize and understand
I gave you everything that I have
Just to let you know that I love you so much

You have closed your door to me indeed
Even if I was just trying to talk , just being a FRIEND
Then I realized,Perhaps I was obsessed and was pushing myself to you…
And now, I need to say goodbye and Let go.

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Love Story -Part-3

December 4, 2008 Leave a comment

Today is Guys last day at work and Girl is awfully feeling bad,

She mulls over the feeling that from now she would never find the guy next to her, who would hide her water bottle or mobile? Who would listen to her endless rattles .She was fighting tears, and she extended her hand for the final good bye.

The same day Guy calls her

Guy: So you’re done with your work?

Girl: yes just leaving to home, so what are u doing.

Guy: hey I had just come out to puff a cigarette.

Girl hates it when the Guy smokes as she is too much worried for him

To be Continued………………………

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Love Story -Part-2

December 4, 2008 Leave a comment

Girl: Ya in that case you need to go.

Girl not able to accept the truth that her friend will be leaving soon.

Girl: You are really going right !! Why do you have to go hmm….:-(

Guy: yes iam going then what do you want me to do?

Girl: so tomorrow is your last day in office, how r u feeling?

Guy: Iam happy, I was bored of doing same monotonous work.

Girl: hey Iam planning to give u a gift can u tell me what do u like or something specific you are planning to buy?

Guy: You are giving the gift right then u need to decide how can I tell?

Girl: Look its not a formality but u know I always ask my sisters and mom what they want on their birth day so that I can gift them what they like, so iam asking u as well so tell me?

Guy: no I can’t decide u buy what ever u want.

Girl: bad u can’t help me also right!! But you are going….

Guy: Ok If you buy a big car for me then I’ll not go.

Girl: ha ha… good joke.

Girl keeps wondering what she can gift to guy so that he will always remember her.

Then she buys a beautiful Ganesha pendant as she thought it was auspicious as he was going to start a new life there. All alone she went to the jeweler; never had she gone alone shopping but she did it for him. With all affection she wrapped it in a gift box, her feelings were so true. But she was also feeling bad he will be going away from her. She never realized that she loved the Guy immensely, but who will elucidate her callow heart the truth??

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Love Story -Part-1

December 4, 2008 Leave a comment

Guy and girl are colleagues in office. They were cubicle mates and it was a real fun relation between them, guy use to hide girl’s mobile or water bottle and enjoy the frustration and anger girl use to illustrate in searching her hidden stuff and girl always knew it was the guy who is behind this impish plan.

Guy use to make sure that he calls the girl every day after office, and the Girl would wait for his call and even if the guy did not end up calling she would not make a move even though she would miss his call.

Guy: hello…

Girl: Hi,So how come you have called after so many days?

Guy: why I am not suppose to call u or what?

Girl: No, nothing like that, just asking.

Guy: So why did u leave office so early today?

Girl: Guess what I conducted technical meeting with the team and ppl have no sense of seriousness or responsibility, I really got pissed off.

Guy: Forget it; don’t bother about other’s much.

Girl: Then your going so when is your flight?

Guy: Ya, next week Monday at 2 am.

Girl: Why do have to go? u have a good job here and enough money.

Guy: No I need to earn more, As my brother is not having a job I need to support him to establish his business, And you know even though I am staying with my uncle iam not left with enough money and if I have my own family then it’s going to be difficult.

Girl wonder’s how good and responsible guy is, there are hardly few people who bother for there loved ones and he is amongst them. She feels content and happy that she’s found such a friend.

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Right Person

September 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Its has always been with me that I end up having a dream every night,And my friends would be waiting to here my dream the next day.How weired ,but True.

My dreams -Funny,Confusing,Thrilling,Scary and sometimes Its like i am watching a bollywood movie & guess what iam the prominent actress & the Hero is trying his best to grab my attention.

If I just think back ,i wish i lived those dreams,But not all.

But this particular dream till today has been the most painful one.

Every time I think of It my eyes go wet,and I have never shared it with anybody but except Him.

Ya its Him ! I never felt so helpless anytime in my Life,I new he would not stay for me but In my dream i was crying so hard to him and telling him to stay back for me,but deep in my heart I knew He would not stay,He stayed mum,didn’t utter a word and the next moment he was gone.

In the morn when i woke i was feeling helpless that I can’t do anything because its was my voluntary act to trust a stranger But I could not even blame him for what he had done,because it his volition to betray me.I should have been wise enough to trust a right person.But I wonder If really A Right Person Exist In this world ?

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