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Love Story -Part-2

Girl: Ya in that case you need to go.

Girl not able to accept the truth that her friend will be leaving soon.

Girl: You are really going right !! Why do you have to go hmm….:-(

Guy: yes iam going then what do you want me to do?

Girl: so tomorrow is your last day in office, how r u feeling?

Guy: Iam happy, I was bored of doing same monotonous work.

Girl: hey Iam planning to give u a gift can u tell me what do u like or something specific you are planning to buy?

Guy: You are giving the gift right then u need to decide how can I tell?

Girl: Look its not a formality but u know I always ask my sisters and mom what they want on their birth day so that I can gift them what they like, so iam asking u as well so tell me?

Guy: no I can’t decide u buy what ever u want.

Girl: bad u can’t help me also right!! But you are going….

Guy: Ok If you buy a big car for me then I’ll not go.

Girl: ha ha… good joke.

Girl keeps wondering what she can gift to guy so that he will always remember her.

Then she buys a beautiful Ganesha pendant as she thought it was auspicious as he was going to start a new life there. All alone she went to the jeweler; never had she gone alone shopping but she did it for him. With all affection she wrapped it in a gift box, her feelings were so true. But she was also feeling bad he will be going away from her. She never realized that she loved the Guy immensely, but who will elucidate her callow heart the truth??

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