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May 18, 2010 2 comments

Most of my friends and family just love prawns but I use to hate them, the smell of it only makes me feel low on food, my zest in eating wanes away .But this was not the case when I happen to eat Mudaliyar Pepper Prawns at Ebony I just fell in love with it which was once stinky hatred food of mine. I think the trick lies in the way they are cooked. Since then I am eager on trying various recipes on prawns, happen to watch one of the cookery show on TV last weekend, found it interesting, I am certainly going to try it out one day .Hopefully I don’t start hating them all over again after that 🙂

List of ingredient

1) Pepper

2) Fenugreek seeds

3) Cumin seeds

4) Dried Red chilies

5) Dry grated coconut

5) Chopped onions

6) Tomato Puree

7) Ginger Garlic paste

8)  and of course Prawns

Route to Delicious Prawns curry

–          First roast the pepper seeds, fenugreek seeds, Cumin seeds, red chilies and grated coconut and the grind it to make a paste

–          Then in a pan add some oil ,to it add the chopped onions .Fry the onions then add ginger garlic paste to it then tomato puree  and salt cook it then add above paste to the pan and add the prawns ,cook well until the prawns are ready to be hogged on .

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