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Right Person

September 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Its has always been with me that I end up having a dream every night,And my friends would be waiting to here my dream the next day.How weired ,but True.

My dreams -Funny,Confusing,Thrilling,Scary and sometimes Its like i am watching a bollywood movie & guess what iam the prominent actress & the Hero is trying his best to grab my attention.

If I just think back ,i wish i lived those dreams,But not all.

But this particular dream till today has been the most painful one.

Every time I think of It my eyes go wet,and I have never shared it with anybody but except Him.

Ya its Him ! I never felt so helpless anytime in my Life,I new he would not stay for me but In my dream i was crying so hard to him and telling him to stay back for me,but deep in my heart I knew He would not stay,He stayed mum,didn’t utter a word and the next moment he was gone.

In the morn when i woke i was feeling helpless that I can’t do anything because its was my voluntary act to trust a stranger But I could not even blame him for what he had done,because it his volition to betray me.I should have been wise enough to trust a right person.But I wonder If really A Right Person Exist In this world ?

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