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February 12, 2009 Leave a comment

He has been Calling from past three days,& ihave been speaking to him for hours.I hated him for all that he did to me,but as I hear him,i forget all the past,I feel so much content & blissfull after speaking to him,but I don’t understand why am I speaking to him after all this,I can’t stay without speaking to him & also i feel ishould not speak to Him.
Iam just confused and till now i thought i’ll never ever speak or meet him,But what has happened to me? I just feel so pleased after speaking to him,I forget all the commotions happening in my life ,its like nobody around matters to me .Its only him and I

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February 6, 2009 Leave a comment

She sat contemplating at the ocean of love at the shore,

It had all hearts glad and bliss and nothing to deplore.

She marvels looking far in the sea how could one be so lost for other,

Away from the world with attitude of “why bother?”

She could see someone extending his hand and calling to her,

She felt she always knew him; he was so much of her.

Before she could realize, she found herself sailing with him far in the ocean of love.

She was mesmerized by initial ecstasy that love throve.

Soon his spurious visage could not stay long against her ingenuousness.

He asked her to forgive him for this mess,

All she did was let go of him,

And strived hard moving on, with her heart Repress.

She could see him steering ahead, far away from her.

Loneliness filled her heart ad mist the unspoken sea,

Which was once all warm and content,

But now was cold and torment.

Deep inside She Loved Him,

Hoping he felt the same for her she sailed toward the shore

Awaiting the for the new light of hope,

With all prior memories making her Sore.

She could see the green land of blithe,

She tried hard to reach it,

but she could hear him ,calling to her from far.

She was delighted,

Disregarding the dark clouds of sorrow which had sodden her with twinge,

She turned back to all her merry, just to be with him,

She did all she could for love, but soon realized she had lost herself in name of love,

She felt she was obsessed, and how could she turn blind to all the truth that prevailed?

She  realized what all wrong she had done in name of love was not worth for him,

leaving the dark shadow of his forged love behind, she Moved On with lone hope!!!

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