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I Hope this is my last try

I find people changing but this is not new, why do I trust others?

I hate myself, my eyes are wet, I don’t want to cry. Why am i letting others do this to me? Just because I love him & accepted all he did to me I feel he’s taking me for granted.

Why the hell I can’t let him go, I am going to do this. When u really care and give all the attention to others they take it for granted, your love has no value you are just used. I have really gone so cheap, don’t I have my self-respect, how long I’ll argue with him to make him feel he’s doing wrong when he himself does not feel anything. Don’t I have brains, what am I doing? I gave everything to him, I don’t regret but I feel bad. Now I really feel bad that this person really did not deserve all this love of mine, but really I do regret all the tears I shed for him for all my sleepless nights my heart filling weekends which I spent thinking about him.

Can he return all those days of my life, How can people  play with others feelings, I really wonder what pleasure they get hurting others, I don’t think so even if they realize what they are doing. As long as they are happy its fine they don’t give a damn for others or what they feel.

I am not going to let this happen to me anymore !!I hope

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