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My Misconstrue

November 25, 2008 Leave a comment

I never new when he stepped into my life & before I could realize this he was gone

Away from me, I was feeling so helpless but could do nothing but

Cry on my misfortune.

I would spend sleepless night thinking of him & wondering if ever he also felt the same for me .

I was missing his absence , my life had gone sullen

I would meet him in my dreams & would wake up to the truth -he ‘s not here.

But I never failed to mail him.

I don’t know y I felt all this for him,He was the only person I spoke so much

I shared all my truths with him,I trusted him blindly But y?

But never new what he felt for me,

But when he expressed it to me I could not believe, I wanted to be with him but never knew if he also wanted the same, but I left my ego behind I blurted all my desires to him didn’t even give a thought if he would really accept all that,

But he stood by me – but was it his mere sympathy or he knew I would never come to him?

When I meet him hopefully, I’ll ask him this..

But I want to believe it that he loves me.

Now I have to go with a stranger ,I feel so helpless but nothing can I do about

It, but live this way for rest of my life.

Even I had all those girly dreams of a tall, dark handsome man

But all that is illusion

I should have accepted this from before,

I have no choice but take whatever I am being given.

Helpless she ….

November 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Why are men like this ? such cowards, never will they stand up for themselves,

They always need somebody to blame for their mistakes,

Today also she did the same, as she had done the same all her life long, stay mum and accept the pain ,may be she was so use to it or she had accepted that she was born for this.