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February 6, 2009 Leave a comment

She sat contemplating at the ocean of love at the shore,

It had all hearts glad and bliss and nothing to deplore.

She marvels looking far in the sea how could one be so lost for other,

Away from the world with attitude of “why bother?”

She could see someone extending his hand and calling to her,

She felt she always knew him; he was so much of her.

Before she could realize, she found herself sailing with him far in the ocean of love.

She was mesmerized by initial ecstasy that love throve.

Soon his spurious visage could not stay long against her ingenuousness.

He asked her to forgive him for this mess,

All she did was let go of him,

And strived hard moving on, with her heart Repress.

She could see him steering ahead, far away from her.

Loneliness filled her heart ad mist the unspoken sea,

Which was once all warm and content,

But now was cold and torment.

Deep inside She Loved Him,

Hoping he felt the same for her she sailed toward the shore

Awaiting the for the new light of hope,

With all prior memories making her Sore.

She could see the green land of blithe,

She tried hard to reach it,

but she could hear him ,calling to her from far.

She was delighted,

Disregarding the dark clouds of sorrow which had sodden her with twinge,

She turned back to all her merry, just to be with him,

She did all she could for love, but soon realized she had lost herself in name of love,

She felt she was obsessed, and how could she turn blind to all the truth that prevailed?

She  realized what all wrong she had done in name of love was not worth for him,

leaving the dark shadow of his forged love behind, she Moved On with lone hope!!!

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Letting Go -by Pravs

December 26, 2008 Leave a comment

As silence fills my loneliness
Only for you my heart cries
The growing gnawing  pain within myself
That tears every senses of my life.

Tears flow endlessly
Even my eyes swells in deep agony
But nothing had been left
That I burned even more with desire
Just to feel the warmness of your embrace.

I still have the memories when we first meet
Memories that I thought would just be the beginning
And would never end
But suddenly it was gone with  the wind.

I always say I LOVE YOU
Deep inside my heart I do
Thinking that you feel the same way too
That even we’re miles away we can make it through

I felt my world shattered like a glass
One day when you told me that I was just a back up
And that you are still in search of your perfect match
For someone you can marry even when there’s no real LOVE.

I have been waiting for a chance
Hoping that one day you would realize and understand
I gave you everything that I have
Just to let you know that I love you so much

You have closed your door to me indeed
Even if I was just trying to talk , just being a FRIEND
Then I realized,Perhaps I was obsessed and was pushing myself to you…
And now, I need to say goodbye and Let go.

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December 4, 2008 Leave a comment

You were my best friend

I always thought,

But you are the one liable for my heart rend.

I curse my nemesis which got me to you,

But when will I come out of this blue?

You were my dream, hope, faith and life,

I never imagined that we would end up with such filthy Strife.

You were mine, loosing you was my scare,

But today I am alone you are no where.

But how could you do such a irrevocable damage,

This is Worst than any Carnage.

You just walked over me,

As u stepped on my callow heart didn’t u see?

My love, my endless faith for you.

I wonder if I’ll meet or hear from you ever,

This notion is killing me inside

I wish you had stayed forever.

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A special wish !!

October 21, 2008 Leave a comment

I wish I was a stone,

Washed away by sore and reckless rivers,

But still strong just to emerge as a smooth pebble.


I wish I was the sun,

Emitting ton’s of rigorous fire,

Just to see the green trees growing with mirth towards me.


I wish I was a cloud,

Carried away by strong and brutal storm,

But only to shower on the thirsty land.


But I wish I was never a human,

Who would just run from his fears,

One who hurts and does nothing different

But walks with the horde!

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Lonely Me !!

October 21, 2008 Leave a comment

I was feeling sad and morose even around people who love me Why?

Just to realize how alone I am!


I live my life in fear to face that undisclosed destiny of mine,

Which I don’t wish for but will be forced to accept it.

Just to realize how alone I am!


I crave to share my fears to my friends

But how Long?

Just to realize how alone I am!


When I see my loved ones a feeling of guilt covers me up

But why?

What’s wrong with me or am I befuddled with things in my life.

But still I wonder

How alone I am!

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Desires of freedom

October 21, 2008 Leave a comment

I lay staring at the bright sky, where the clouds moved free,

Wish I was a cloud high in the sky, none to stop me from what I want.

Away from all fears, I fly high to my dreams.

Where there would be no dark night to fall on my dreams and desires,

But only the smirk shine of the sun and the be friendly warmth of the moon light

To brighten my path of desire!

Where I walk all happy and content !!!

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Was It Love ?

August 25, 2008 Leave a comment

She held it close to her heart

And would never let it go.

She new it would only hurt if she really did.

But she worried about loosing it and even

Before she could feel content and happy about it,

She realized it was no more with her.

It’s egress from her life

made her feel broken and betrayed like the

Broken kite far in the skies.

She was feeling hollow and insane,

She lost faith

It took long for her callow heart to realize

That it was never hers,

It was her fallacy  

It was LOVE!!

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August 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Once there was an innocent and sweet little girl,

Every one loved her naïve big eyes and her hair with endless curls.

She loved every little thing in her life beside.

But how ignorant she was of the brutal world outside.

She use to desire for those dolls which her friends own,

But she new that all desirable things would soon be thrown.

She grew with her avid dreams…

……To Be Continued

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Instant poetry !!!

August 25, 2008 Leave a comment

She woke up at dawn

hoping all her fears are gone.

But just then her mom,

reminded her at the lawn,

that she was supposed to meet somebody,

but she had lent her heart already.

She knew there was nothing left to hold on,

But she never knew what was that stopping her to move on !!!

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August 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Wide open were those innocent eyes

Anyone could get lost in their serenity and peace

Filled with superfluous virtuousness which will not augment

But soon will be adulterated with endless greed and conflictions

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