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Last night I was in the state of melancholy as memories of my dad reiterated in my mind, As his memories surface in my mind, I felt miserable. I just wondered when I would meet him ,is it that death has parted him from us forever ,all these questions just made me more mad and I was freaking out at that moment Loneliness knocked me down to tears and I felt vulnerable .

As a kid I was very obstinate and would cry my heart out for every trivial stuff but he was there for me,I remember him giving me bath over weekends and drying my short little hair and not to forget his thail maalish ,and how keen he was on feeding us the special and best ,and I still remember him helping me with my maths.

He was there when I wrote my CET,he would wait eagerly till I finished my exam just to see my smug face & then take me back home and on the way back home we would go out to the nearby Tiffin shop to gorge on the spicy,crispy dosa ‘s . And he would drive me all the way to my tuitions and then back home.

And later when I was away to the hostel,he would ensure that I had enough money  and for every need of mine he would never say a No,He did all that I wanted from buying me those costly books  and helping me with my projects and I still remember the day when he travelled  around 300 kms  to my hostel with my computer .

But today as i think of all this..i feel we are alone..

there is none who would love us like you,

none to care ,care bout what we ate,how we live or even none to raise their hands in dua for us.

Today i realise how lonely iam….

I miss you so much….

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April 26, 2011 Leave a comment

As a kid I use to see my father doing some of my project works as part of my school assignments, He was a remarkable artist. Be it a map or any sort of drawing or painting work he was best and finally he use to write my name below in an outstanding way using some of his calligraphic techniques. And my name would be so obvious & standing out from rest of the things on the display board, I use to feel so proud and delighted.

I guess I have got this in artistic character from my father.

I had this deep inkling towards painting,i love the colors and yes i did paint my feelings out which where inane & naive,but my dad use to encourage me always,

Today neither i have the time nor those words of conviction,so i hardly paint 😦

Some of my work…

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