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December 4, 2008 Leave a comment

You were my best friend

I always thought,

But you are the one liable for my heart rend.

I curse my nemesis which got me to you,

But when will I come out of this blue?

You were my dream, hope, faith and life,

I never imagined that we would end up with such filthy Strife.

You were mine, loosing you was my scare,

But today I am alone you are no where.

But how could you do such a irrevocable damage,

This is Worst than any Carnage.

You just walked over me,

As u stepped on my callow heart didn’t u see?

My love, my endless faith for you.

I wonder if I’ll meet or hear from you ever,

This notion is killing me inside

I wish you had stayed forever.

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Love Story -Part-1

December 4, 2008 Leave a comment

Guy and girl are colleagues in office. They were cubicle mates and it was a real fun relation between them, guy use to hide girl’s mobile or water bottle and enjoy the frustration and anger girl use to illustrate in searching her hidden stuff and girl always knew it was the guy who is behind this impish plan.

Guy use to make sure that he calls the girl every day after office, and the Girl would wait for his call and even if the guy did not end up calling she would not make a move even though she would miss his call.

Guy: hello…

Girl: Hi,So how come you have called after so many days?

Guy: why I am not suppose to call u or what?

Girl: No, nothing like that, just asking.

Guy: So why did u leave office so early today?

Girl: Guess what I conducted technical meeting with the team and ppl have no sense of seriousness or responsibility, I really got pissed off.

Guy: Forget it; don’t bother about other’s much.

Girl: Then your going so when is your flight?

Guy: Ya, next week Monday at 2 am.

Girl: Why do have to go? u have a good job here and enough money.

Guy: No I need to earn more, As my brother is not having a job I need to support him to establish his business, And you know even though I am staying with my uncle iam not left with enough money and if I have my own family then it’s going to be difficult.

Girl wonder’s how good and responsible guy is, there are hardly few people who bother for there loved ones and he is amongst them. She feels content and happy that she’s found such a friend.

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