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My Chotu..

November 16, 2009 Leave a comment
Chotu On my bed

Chotu On my bed

Chotu is the most adorable,soft,fluffy ,furry and cuddly cat we have,Guess what she is the most luckiest of all her siblings who were bitten to death by a horrifying black he cat, she was the only fortunate one to be left alive ,her mom was so cautious about her and gave all her attention to this little cutie,its not only hers but also all of us at home also had a soft corner and all our pampering for her,We love her a lot ,she’s part of our family


She does anything to grab our attention,especially my mom’s ,u can always find her following my mom,she envies every other new entry at home.


Chotu Sleeping To Glory

I remember the day when my sis had picked up a small kitten from a vegetable shop and got it home,Chotu just hated it ,she stayed away from home for the for the first time and would never turn up for food or even to sleep ,We missed her,we could no longer resist her absence ,so we gave away the new little kitten to one of our friends and from then chotu was all delighted,she was back home.Just watch her in below pictures where she climbed up the TV when she got no attention from us,after this we could no longer ignore her 🙂


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I Hope this is my last try

November 16, 2009 Leave a comment

I find people changing but this is not new, why do I trust others?

I hate myself, my eyes are wet, I don’t want to cry. Why am i letting others do this to me? Just because I love him & accepted all he did to me I feel he’s taking me for granted.

Why the hell I can’t let him go, I am going to do this. When u really care and give all the attention to others they take it for granted, your love has no value you are just used. I have really gone so cheap, don’t I have my self-respect, how long I’ll argue with him to make him feel he’s doing wrong when he himself does not feel anything. Don’t I have brains, what am I doing? I gave everything to him, I don’t regret but I feel bad. Now I really feel bad that this person really did not deserve all this love of mine, but really I do regret all the tears I shed for him for all my sleepless nights my heart filling weekends which I spent thinking about him.

Can he return all those days of my life, How can people  play with others feelings, I really wonder what pleasure they get hurting others, I don’t think so even if they realize what they are doing. As long as they are happy its fine they don’t give a damn for others or what they feel.

I am not going to let this happen to me anymore !!I hope

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