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October 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Amazing Water well Excavated by our Intimates

Amazing Water well Excavated by our Intimates

Exceptional moment when the Cloud and sun play hide and seek

Exceptional moment when the Cloud and sun play hide and seek
Endless Greenary

Where Green earth meets the Blue sky

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Forgive and Move On

October 12, 2009 Leave a comment

A:I want to hear u say that u forgive him

Me:I can’t do that.

A:It’s hard I know but you have no option. If you don’t do it, you’ll always be thinking of the pain he caused you and that pain will never pass .I am not saying you got to like him. I am not saying you got to seek him out.

I am not suggesting you should start thinking of him as an angel .The energy of hatred won’t get you anywhere; but the energy of forgiveness, which reveals itself through love, will transform your life in a positive way.

All it does is feed a constant desire to feel sorry for yourself ,because you were the victim of people stronger than you .or else it makes you go to the other extreme and disguise yourself as an avenger ready to hit out at the people who hurt you. Isn’t that a waste of time?

Me:It’s just human

A:Oh it is but it’s not intelligent or reasonable .Show some respect for your time on this earth, and know that God has always forgiven you and always will.

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Lonely Heart’s

October 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Two like hearts crib over their lost love, for some reasons they are not with whom they love and they try hard to get over it but are back with the same obsession to be with their lost love, it’s a kind of vicious circle of which they are unable to come out of.

A: hellooo

me: hey what r u doing ??

A: where r u??

me: office..

A: i know

me: nobody has still turned up for work

A:   ohh is it

me: ya..

A: I woke up and was sitting, having coffee

me: and I have no work as of now..

A: cool, then chat with me

me: So what r u planning to do ??

A: nothing…. actually I was getting scared

me: Y??

A: u know since last night I am really scared…

i dunno…

me: bout being alone at home?

A: suddenly I feel there is nothing for me to do in life

me: same here..

A: I feel everything has come to a stand still

me: yesterday night i have not slept.  i have a bad headache now..

A: I was awake till 3,   drinking black coffee now.

me: you know I am planning to stay alone..

A: i feel lost…

me: & i was wondering how I’ll do that..

A: trust me… it’s not easy ,it’s nice to imagine

A: u know when u r alone… as long as u r busy it’s ok

but the moment u don’t have anything to do the loneliness will haunt u

me: I feel guilty seeing my parents everyday..I am feeling they r so good to me & I am torturing them..

A: but that’s not your fault,  that’s the way fate is taking u

A: You have done everything for them

A: u know my mom’s friends was saying God could give daughters like us  then no one would want a son

me:  Hey, i have one question..

me: Have u really forgotten or got over all that..,I don’t know I am finding it so difficult..

A: honestly…. no yaar…

me: I am feeling like going on a mountain & jumping..

A: honestly.. i broke up with B coz i couldn’t keep lying to myself that i love him

coz i know i still luv this b***

me: I still wonder Y should we still luv them..  Y cant that feeling die..

A: the moment i try giving a chance to someone else…. i start feeling guilt

then i start making reasons of career and stuff,  the safest alibi

me: But how long can we do this ?

A: i don’t know….

me: any proposal comes..I feel very weird and feel i can’t do this..

A: some where he still lives in me…

me: I try escaping from it..

A: same here… I tried to move on… with C… someone i know how much he loves me

but backed off….

me: really I don’t know what is this feeling..Y should we feel so much for some stranger …who does not even love us..

A: with B…. no regrets i broke it… coz he was very smart… I was the one getting fooled

yeah… I have made myself to accept that i can never luv anyone else.

me: U know what I’ll be feeling even if I get married have family or whatever.. I’ll miss that person..& feel incomplete..

A: but I am not able to make myself accept that i can live with someone else. Without having any luv for them.yeah.. that incompleteness will never go.

me: I don’t know I feel so bad…Its only one life..How to be happy?? I want to be Happy..

A: u know i see my juniors getting married…,even i want to be married… but when it actually comes in front of me…

me: same here..

A: i can’t keep giving myself all lie consolations that my life is great, I am doing a lot of progress with my career

me: u know last night I was thinking all this and that’s y I am getting scared… coz the truth is… being married also there are people who are more successful

me: yes true, because they r happy..

A: same here…. that’s y i was feeling my life has come to a standstill, yeah… they have someone to call their own

me: I am thinking y to work..for whom..??

me: really..even i have lost interest in shopping

A: i go shopping.. to kill time now…

me: Once he was telling me what’s wrong with your life..U have money, good clothes your own house, car.

A: yeah… but for what??

me: I think this cribbage is never ending  L

A: yeah….

all our life we will be having this… later somehow we will be forced and married.

me: yes true., we will live an incomplete life and die.

me: & we have to compromise for our entire life ..

I think we r really Unlucky L

A: yeah and the worst thing is… we are the people who will live a long life

me: That’s true..

A: till 80 or so…

me: Pls don’t tell me that..I can’t live like this so long L

A: oh God… i can imagine… we both sitting and cribbing at that age

Don’t worry we will, but with all this… I am still thankful to God that he gave me one friend who understands me… my life

me: U know in my office , I see so many getting married& they luv their wives so much..

A: yeah… don’t worry.. we are not born for that…

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