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Was It Love ?

August 25, 2008 Leave a comment

She held it close to her heart

And would never let it go.

She new it would only hurt if she really did.

But she worried about loosing it and even

Before she could feel content and happy about it,

She realized it was no more with her.

It’s egress from her life

made her feel broken and betrayed like the

Broken kite far in the skies.

She was feeling hollow and insane,

She lost faith

It took long for her callow heart to realize

That it was never hers,

It was her fallacy  

It was LOVE!!

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Once there was an innocent and sweet little girl,

Every one loved her naïve big eyes and her hair with endless curls.

She loved every little thing in her life beside.

But how ignorant she was of the brutal world outside.

She use to desire for those dolls which her friends own,

But she new that all desirable things would soon be thrown.

She grew with her avid dreams…

……To Be Continued

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Instant poetry !!!

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She woke up at dawn

hoping all her fears are gone.

But just then her mom,

reminded her at the lawn,

that she was supposed to meet somebody,

but she had lent her heart already.

She knew there was nothing left to hold on,

But she never knew what was that stopping her to move on !!!

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Wide open were those innocent eyes

Anyone could get lost in their serenity and peace

Filled with superfluous virtuousness which will not augment

But soon will be adulterated with endless greed and conflictions

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All alone I sat

With millions of bleak thougths of privation

Jabbing my heart so Matt.

I acn see my loved ones withering away

It’s nothing  I can do for them,

But live this way.

I hide my skulking desires,

Like the dark clouds

consealing the sunlight,far in the skies.

When will the light of bliss

rive through the dark clouds of sorrow

and make my life verdant with nothing amiss.

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Hey everyone at home  wants to get rid of me..

Do I don’t matter to them any more.they are the one with me at every moment of life,

But strange nobody is with me, Even my sisters..

I know iam not doing anything wrong..But I realised how lonely I am.

But I will stand up for myself till I die.

Y do they have to force me into something which I can’t accept

Every one seems strangers.

I am abused for what? y can’t I make my choice for my life ?

Why, what’s my mistake

Only that I was dumb to be too good

Or to judge every action of mine to be right or wrong?

Why am I not worth of what I want?

Why my dreams are being shackled?

My credence on being good is shattered.

Why should I live such a scary & wretched life

Even though I have done nothing amiss?

I wonder If I ever can be happy and get out of these endless afflictions.

Y, what am I being punished for?

Am I so bad?

Who will answer my questions?

Or they will remain unanswered for rest of my life!

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When Betrayed !!

August 25, 2008 Leave a comment

How is it possible??How?

Am I so cheap, don’t I have an identity.

U make me sick…

I never asked for all this

More than u I hate myself so much,

How could I do this to myself,

I wasted all my feelings on u..

U have just shattered me.

U really disgust me…

How cheap I was to believe u !!

U don’t love anyone..u just love urself..u selfish looser.

When u cud not be true to your self

U can’t be true to anyone!!!

I hope u suffer all that I am going through!!!

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True Realization

August 23, 2008 Leave a comment

How True,I was your need

I had an illusion that i was enamored

But you shattered my creed.

Yes I was your need

But needs change,

It took long for my callow heart to realize.

How true it was,but strange.

Thought of you breaks me down

I wonder if I ever can efface your

darkness with a new dawn.

My convictions were only for you,

but you derelict me like the

serenity of the sea to the

ship in the midst of a tempest !

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My Stupidity

August 23, 2008 Leave a comment

I am Missing U !!

Doesen’t he feel the same for Me ??

Why can’t I accept the truth ,

He’s not here

But who’s going to elucidate my heart

which is so meek for anything to bear.

When  the darkness arrives ,

I find my nastiest fears daunting me.

Everything seems vapid

Why can’t I change my naive outlook to life

and accept the truth ?

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Greatest regret is Not Listening to Oneself.

You spent your life trying to please others,

But where are they now?

All those people u lived to please will no longer be around you.

On your death bed, the only person you’ll have to

Answer is the person you look at in the mirror every morning.

You better be true to him.


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