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Dark Night …

January 9, 2009 Leave a comment

I looked out of the window, the dark night had fallen I could see the murky sky hovering above,

And as the chillness of the night touched my warm face, the feeling of dismay took over my smug sleep, I tried hard to forget but his memories remained etched in my mind.

As I looked out with a assorted feeling of fear and gloom, to my horror i see a dark image small as child and horrifying as a Fiend just breaking open the gate and running into the lawn, I shout out “hey who is it?” and with all courage I get up to put on the lights and open the door .To my shock it is still dark, and as I wonder what’s wrong with the lights the dark image just ram’s hard to the door and I try hard to shut the door on him but in vain. All horrified I scream hard, just to realize it was another horrendous dream, but none to hear me, soon tears roll down my cheeks and I wondered if he was with me I would have held him firm, I remember him telling me “I’ll always be there with you till the end !”,has he forgotten or it was another lie ?

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