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Happy Mothers Day Mom

I wanted to buy a pair of earrings for mom ,I feel bad whenever I see her sad, I want her to happy, most of the time she is lost in abba’s  memories ,I had planned to go out with L then I thought how could I do this ,leaving my family in despair how can I enjoy ? On the pretext of getting haircut done I went out with L to buy earrings for my mom, I was all excited to give it to her, but this effort of mine didn’t bring a smile on her face, instead she was more upset about me going all alone to buy jewelery as though it’s a big  task. I know why she felt so, we grew up in such conserve environment, we would not think of going out shopping without mom, but over few months I had learn to go all by myself because I felt dejected when I was not given importance when my sister’s marriage was all the priority in everyone’s life at home ,and also because L was back in my life and maybe I was so vulnerable and I was so in need of love and importance that lead to this mercurial behavior of mine, I knew L would be with me in every core I do. I felt really miserable for my failure in bringing those little happy moments in my mom’s life, I just went into my room & tried sleeping but only sorrow filled my night.

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