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Butter Chicken

Hey Guys guess what I discovered how to prepare delicious Butter Chicken..

Let me Quickly write down before I forget.

Just two major things  to Do & ur chicken is ready

1)Marinade the chicken

– Bring the following to a paste

–Ginger & Garlic Paste

–Some onions

–All ur spices:-) Red chilly powder,Coriander powder,Zeera powder,

–Yogrut,some lime juice

–Salt ofcourse

and add this to the chicken & marinade the chicken for 2 hours.

2)Prepare the Gravy

In a Pan

–Add some butter and some chopped ginger,

–green chillies,red chilly & coriander powder & salt

–& I think i would love to add some fresh coriander leaves.

cook the above and then finally add Tomato pure and some cream to it and cook it for 5 min & then add the chicken to it & if u want it sweet then add some sugar & cook it till the oil is out.

Garnish it with Fresh Cream & coriander Leaves

Hmmm Yummy !!!!!!!!!

U can find Sanjeev Kapoors recipe in the below link


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