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My Misconstrue

I never new when he stepped into my life & before I could realize this he was gone

Away from me, I was feeling so helpless but could do nothing but

Cry on my misfortune.

I would spend sleepless night thinking of him & wondering if ever he also felt the same for me .

I was missing his absence , my life had gone sullen

I would meet him in my dreams & would wake up to the truth -he ‘s not here.

But I never failed to mail him.

I don’t know y I felt all this for him,He was the only person I spoke so much

I shared all my truths with him,I trusted him blindly But y?

But never new what he felt for me,

But when he expressed it to me I could not believe, I wanted to be with him but never knew if he also wanted the same, but I left my ego behind I blurted all my desires to him didn’t even give a thought if he would really accept all that,

But he stood by me – but was it his mere sympathy or he knew I would never come to him?

When I meet him hopefully, I’ll ask him this..

But I want to believe it that he loves me.

Now I have to go with a stranger ,I feel so helpless but nothing can I do about

It, but live this way for rest of my life.

Even I had all those girly dreams of a tall, dark handsome man

But all that is illusion

I should have accepted this from before,

I have no choice but take whatever I am being given.

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