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Reality strikes hard

I didn’t go to work today, the same monotonous job and even if I do my best people have endless comments on the same, I wanted a break, So here iam at home and I had a whole list of things to do, but as usual I didn’t do all of them but content that I could accomplish at least one of them.


I went to the beauty salon and got my pedicure and manicure done ,I don’t know why every time I go there I get reminded of him, I thought all the ladies coming there would have their husbands or boyfriends and they would be so happy to be with them, may be it is just my hallucination and the other lady comes in my eyes, she would be doing all this for him and its only her he will be seeing and will always be there with her, but why did he pretend to me. He took me for granted, I had never asked for all this, it was he who initiated all this and expressed his feelings to me.

I thought I was a stupid, fool, dumb and a duffer .Its breaking me inside, I am dying everyday ,God why me ?How will all this end, every moment in my life is gyrating around this,when will this vicious circle end ? why can’t I accept that everything is over, he doesn’t exist anymore for me. every time he calls he has only one thing to say “I am sorry”, why the hell are you sorry man, I don’t want anyone’s sympathy.

Anyways I don’t know when iam going to get over this. I bought this new pen today it is so special with a red light shimmering for every impression I make in my dairy,I hope soon I reach that day when he is completely out of my life and memory .I know nobody is going to sympathize or stand by me in this case because it was my stupidity to believe somebody like that and even after all this iam still enduring the pain and suffering for him, but however stupid it might be Iam not able to accept the truth that he never loved me !!

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